Flags on Location

The Merchant Navy Memorial, Canberra

The Australian Red Ensign is at the masthead – Australia’s Merchant Navy ensign since 1901.

Merchant Navy Day is commemorated annually on 3 September which also celebrates Australian National Flag Day. Both the Australian National Flag and the Australian Red Ensign were chosen on 3 September 1901.

Photos taken:  9/9/23

Merchant Navy Memorial


Merchant Navy Memorial (left) and National Carillon (right)

The HMAS Canberra Memorial, Canberra

The Australian White Ensign, the flag of the Royal Australia Navy, is flying here.

The ship HMAS Canberra served in WW2 in the South Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans. On 9 August 1942, at the Battle of Savo Island, in the Solomon Islands, the ship was struck by a barrage of Japanese torpedoes, killing 84 seamen and crippling the ship. The ship was abandoned and then deliberately sunk by torpedoes from a US ship.

Photo taken:  9/9/23

HMAS Canberra Memorial and National Carillon (background)

The National Emergency Services Memorial, Canberra

Photo taken:  9/9/23

Sydney Harbour Bridge on Flag Day, 3rd Sep, 2020

On Flag Day, the Red Ensign joins the Blue Ensign on top of the Bridge, as Merchant Navy Day is also commemorated on this day.

Fort Phillip Flag Mast, Observatory Hill, Sydney – Queen’s Birthday weekend, June 2008

Australian National Flag (top)

Closet to furthest on yard:

Australian Federation Flag, under which the NSW Signal Flags Nos 1, 5, 0 for the 150th anniversary of the Observatory building

Aboriginal flag

The Planets

Australian historical and celebratory flags 

Phases of the Moon and Constellations 

Signal Code flags of NSW 1830s

Torres Strait Islanders flag

NSW State, Greater Sydney and City of Sydney flags

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