Flying the Flag – Tips

ANF - Flying VG image - artist_s impression

The Australian National Flag by law, custom and tradition is the chief national symbol. The flag belongs to all Australian citizens.

Australian National Flag Day will be a brilliant day to fly the flag! Here are some tips:

Always treat the flag with pride and dignity

Please make sure:

  • the flag is in good order – not faded, and not tattered and torn
  • the flagpole is in good order and looking smart

Only fly the flag at night if you have it fully illuminated, as with the flag over Parliament House or the Harbour Bridge for example! Understandably not many people have the means to achieve that, in which case:

The flag must be flown only during the daytime:

  • Suggest raising the flag early, say 8 am, and lower it at sunset, to make full use of the day
  • But it may be raised at any time during the day

The flag should not touch the ground

Hoisting and Lowering the Flag


As you can see from this diagram, the parts on a flagpole have their own unique names!

When hoisting:

  • Hoist the flag all the way to the truck at the top of the flagpole
  • Keep the halyard (rope) taut
  • Tie the halyard to the cleat (tying point)

When lowering:

  • As the flag comes down, hold the flag with one hand while pulling the halyard with the other
  • Put the flag over your shoulder or similar so that it does not touch the ground

Flag Protocol Information

The Commonwealth Government has an informative free booklet, AUSTRALIAN FLAGS which is a comprehensive guide to flag etiquette, protocol, history and heritage.

Contact your local federal Member of Parliament or Senator and obtain the booklet now, also in PDF version here:

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