The Flag and Flag Day

The Australian National Flag is our chief national symbol by law, custom and tradition.

It reminds us of contributions to Australia, past and present, in peace and in war.

It represents the unity of all Australians.

The flag also represents Australia’s form of parliamentary democracy, our freedoms, traditions and our responsibilities.

It represents the connection and relevance of our nation’s Federation and the choice our national flag in 1901.

The flag promotes our international and local identity and heritage, and good and worthy citizenship through appreciation of the important role of the flag.

Australian National Flag Day, on the 3rd of September, marks the anniversary of the birth of the flag in 1901, the year our nation was created by choice of the people. On this day, the flag was officially designated the National Flag of Australia, having been democratically chosen by Australians in a unique public competition.

Merchant Navy Day

Flag Day also marks the birth of the Red Ensign, when it was designated the flag of the Merchant Navy at the same time.